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Symmetry Health Center 6239 College Ave.

Symmetry Health Center
6239 College Ave.

There are few more pleasant places to do errands than on College Ave. Although the more practically-oriented businesses in the district may sometimes be overlooked by the dining and shopping options, the area actually has nearly everything a household needs in the way of getting stuff done. If you’ve got the time, you can park your car and make a day of picking up all the things you need, perhaps popping into a shop or two while you’re at it. It’s definitely better than driving around town all day.

Of course, there’s a charming post office for picking up packages — and even a UPS store. Dry cleaners abound, so your clothes will never be wrinkled. Pop into the copy shop to print Christmas cards, head to the florist for center pieces, or drop off family photos to be framed. Later, settle money needs at the bank. 

In the way of healthcare, there are several optometrists and eyeglass stores to choose from. But the neighborhood is more of a destination for those seeking psychiatric and therapeutic services, as many private mental health professionals have quiet offices above the bustling stores. Holistic health services such as acupuncture are also plenty in this area. (And at the Breema Center, you can even learn to practice healing bodywork yourself.) Or, for those looking to exercise, try the local gym or yoga studio. 

But in terms of services, College Ave.’s salons definitely take the prize. There seem to be as many salons in this area as there are dining options. That means there’s something for every price range. Get a quick cut at Super Cuts, a slick fade at Rockridge Barber Shop, or visit your favorite stylist at Panache. There’s something serene about getting a new do in this area as you watch the families stroll by. And with the fierce competition saturating the district, the service always reflects utmost professionalism. 

But aside from hair salons, there’s a plethora of other kinds of beauty care options. Nail salons dot the street, again with a wide range of price options, but most with luxurious leather chairs. And there’s no shortage of high end waxing lounges, most of which feature lavish amenities and require advance reservations. The primary difficulty is figuring out which salon best fits your needs and price range. But that offers the opportunity to pop into a few — perhaps even meet stylists and waxing specialists — and choose the perfect fit. 

And to round out the service options, there’s something to say about the potential to multi-task in this area. For example: run all the above errands — or meet self-care needs — while your child is at Kumon receiving help with their homework, or while your car is receiving a tune-up at Stauder Automotive Service. There, not so bad, huh? 

I Do! Bridal Boutique 5332 College Ave.

I Do! Bridal Boutique
5332 College Ave.